Audio guestbook

Your audio guestbook for your event

Are you looking for something extraordinary for your wedding? Do you want to create memories that will bring you joy even years later and let you relive your wedding? Would you like to capture the voices of your loved ones forever?

The audio guestbook of Sally`s Phone makes exactly that possible for you. Your guests record very personal messages for you. These can be very emotional, but also totally funny. In any case, tears are guaranteed - be they tears of joy or laughter! 

How it works

1. your guests pick up the receiver and listen to your personalised tape announcement

2. after the beep, your guests record their message on the tape

3. your guests put the receiver down again. All messages are saved, you receive them afterwards and can listen to them again and again

That's what you get!

  • 4 days hire of the phone
  • Unlimited number of voicemails
  • Personalised greeting
  • Colour of the phone (if available)
  • Gallery from Audio News
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Simple installation instructions


Preis CHF 269.00

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