exklusive und einzigartige Hochzeiten in Zypern​

320 Sonnentage, kristallklares Wasser und atemberaumbende Location die eure Hochzeit zu was ganz einzigartigem machen!

Für alle, die immer schon in Zypern heiraten wollten!

Einzigartige Hochzeit in eurer Traum Destination..

... & ihr euch während der Planung total entspannen könnt!

Sind wir mal ehrlich, jedes Brautpaar möchte eine einzigartige Hochzeit, über die man noch Monate danach spricht. Doch wie plant man so eine Hochzeit? Welche Dienstleister passen zu einem und wo finde ich diese? Diese Fragen beschäftigen alle meine Brautpaare. Aber keine Angst, mit meiner Expertise und meinem großen Netzwerk werde ich euch helfen, eure Hochzeit zu etwas ganz Einzigartigem zu machen.


Find out now how to plan your unique and exclusive wedding stress-free.

What 90% of bridal couples regret after their wedding

#1: No time for the guests

During the wedding, you are the centre of attention and are often surrounded by many people at the same time. This often means that you don't have enough time to talk to each guest personally. Many regret not having spent more time with their friends and relatives, who have often travelled long distances to attend this special day.

# 2: Unprofessional service providers

Whether it's a wedding photographer, florist, caterer or musician - it's important to work with professional service providers. Unfortunately, many people try to save money and instead of a professional photographer, they fall back on a colleague friend who is at the wedding anyway, or replace the band or DJ with a boombox. However, most people regret this after the wedding, as they don't have any nice photos and the atmosphere was already in the basement by 10 pm.

Reason 3: No wedding planner

Planning a wedding requires a lot of time and commitment. Many people underestimate the effort involved and suddenly find themselves under time pressure, which affects their preparations. As a wedding planner, I can make the whole process more efficient by creating a realistic timeline and ensuring that all tasks are completed on time.

Reason 4: The guest list

Deciding who to invite and who not to invite is one of the most difficult things when planning a wedding. Many people regret inviting or not inviting certain people afterwards. This often concerns distant relatives or old friends who you were unsure whether to invite or not.

Hochzeitsplaner in der Schweiz, St.Gallen, Zürich und Bern

Most people regret this even more...

Months of planning, a lot of money and a lot of effort, and then you stand there and ask yourself: For what? Was this the dream wedding we wanted? It shouldn't have been. In hindsight, you shouldn't regret not booking professional service providers, not having enough time for your guests or even inviting the wrong guests.


Nein, es sollte nämlich so sein, dass ihr nicht im Nachhinein alles bereut, sondern dass ihr euch auf die Planung freut, den Tag selbst genießt und zurückblickt und sagt: Das war unsere Traumhochzeit.

For these reasons, a destination wedding in Cyprus is the perfect choice

Natürliche Schönheit

Zypern, das Juwel des Mittelmeers, bietet eine atemberaubende natürliche Kulisse mit malerischen Stränden, kristallklarem Wasser und einer üppigen Landschaft, die perfekt für eine luxuriöse Destination Wedding.

Idyllische Wetterbedingungen

Mit über 320 Sonnentagen im Jahr bietet Zypern ein sonnenverwöhntes Klima, das das ganze Jahr über für Ihre Destination Wedding geeignet ist. Die besten und schönsten Monate sind April, Mai, September, Oktober und November.

Vielfältige Locations

Von luxuriösen Strandresorts bis hin zu idyllischen Bergdörfern bietet Zypern eine Vielzahl von einzigartigen Locations für eure Destination Wedding. Egal, ob ihr eine intime Zeremonie am Strand oder eine opulente Feier bevorzugt.

Erstklassige Gastfreundschaft

Die warmherzige Gastfreundschaft der Zyprer ist legendär und trägt dazu bei, dass eure Destination Wedding zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis wird.

Braut liegend auf Brauttisch, Hochzeitsplanung Melanie Thun

Was meine Arbeit besonders macht:

My network

I have an extensive network of professional service providers who do an outstanding job. From photographers to florists, from caterers to musicians - I can help you choose and work with the perfect service providers to suit your style and budget.

My experiences

With years of experience in the industry, I am more than just a wedding planner - I am your partner when it comes to making your vision a reality. From enchanting floral arrangements to selecting an exquisite venue, from thoughtful ceremonies to seamless wedding day coordination, as an experienced wedding planner, I always strive to take away the stress and pressure that can come with planning a wedding. I will ensure that your special day is full of joy, love and precious moments so that you can focus on what really matters.

My view of everything

Keeping an eye on everything, coordinating everything so that everything runs smoothly is my hobbyhorse and one of my most important concerns. There is nothing worse than the bride and groom having to take care of things on their big day or having to sort out problems. I have made it my mission to ensure that every bridal couple can enjoy their big day to the full.

Love letters

Dajana & Luigi
Dajana & Luigi
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Melanie looked after and accompanied us closely during our wedding preparations. She gave us very good advice on every aspect and gave us lots of tips! It made the planning a lot easier for us. Melanie was always available for us, even if it was later in the evening, we were able to discuss our concerns with her. We also had her with us on the wedding day and she coordinated our wedding. We were very happy because we were able to celebrate our wedding with our guests and best man. Melanie had everything under control with the organisation of 120 guests and we were able to relax completely! We would definitely do it again! It was great! Thank you so much for everything Melanie!
Vanessa & David
Vanessa & David
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If a wedding planner then Melanie. We had great chemistry right from the start - not just because our husbands have the same name. She immediately understood our ideas and realised them. Even when we had to come up with a plan B, she was always the calm soul and spared my husband bridezilla - the plan B was just perfect. She was available at all times and always kept us up to date with everything. She also took care of all the communication with the service providers and more than exceeded our expectations. The service providers and we were thrilled and grateful for the MEGA organisation. The feedback from our wedding guests speaks above all for Melanie (everyone is still very enthusiastic!!!) - no one (...and most of them are already married) has ever been to such a relaxed, not 0815 and superbly well organised wedding. Melanie not only looked after us as the bride and groom during the party, but also looked after the guests. We are still speechless at what you have organised here, Melanie. You and your warm manner go far beyond "service". THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
Diana & Sandro
Diana & Sandro
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Melanie coordinated our wedding day. She did a perfect job! Friendly, helpful and professional - we couldn't be happier to have had her as our wedding planner. She took the pressure off us and our groomsmen on this special day and for that we are eternally grateful!
Nadine & Danilo
Nadine & Danilo
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My husband and I met Meli at a wonderful bridal shoot when we were already planning our own wedding. Even during the shoot, we noticed how super well organised and structured she is. And she's also incredibly likeable! 🙂 So we didn't have to argue for long and asked her straight away if she would like to be our wedding planner. The best decision we ever made!!! She made our big day unforgettable. We can wholeheartedly recommend Meli as a wedding planner. What started as wedding planning has turned into friendship - thank you for everything!
Simone & Jeffrey
Simone & Jeffrey
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Melanie organised our wedding from A-Z. It was a huge relief for us. We were able to specify our wishes and budget to Melanie and she made a super great wedding party out of it. As she was also our dancing mistress in the evening, our groomsmen were also able to enjoy the day. Everything was perfect for us and the wedding was exactly what we wanted Mel's Wedding world can only be recommended! Thank you very much

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